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There are many reviewers out there and we offer professional reviews for free.  Good reviewers are hard to find at this time so we have offered to start a Review Exchange Program in which you get a free review and in exchange you choose another author’s work to review.  Both reviews will be sent to the authors after having been approved by Mind Fog Reviews.  We hope to see your review request from the site www.authormeetingplace.com under Mind Fog Reviews’ page.  We will then start a page on the site under Mind Fog Reviews that will show the cover, the title, the author and then the author would have already sent a PDF to us to share.  All files should be changed to PDFs b/c that would keep anyone from doing anything to the document.  That is for your own protection.  We’ll be opening the review request form today.  Glad to see you there.  All reviews should be posted here.  There is still the posting program to post them in around fifteen places and more as we go for a small fee of fifteen dollars to be done immediately upon payment.  There is still a fast tracked review that will be done in three to five business days for twenty-five dollars up to two hundred pages. Up to four hundred pages will be fifty dollars.  These will be posted with a waived fee of fifteen dollars for the posting.  We are also gaining magazines in which to post reviews as well. Currently we use Literary Lunes Magazine.  Hope to see you all there for the Review Exchange Program. Take care and be well. Anastasia, Owner Mind Fog Reviews.

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N.W. Davies’ ‘Hard Winter’ is a great post-apocalyptic thriller!

Hard Winter
N.W. Davies

“Hard Winter” by N.W. Davies is a tale of survival. Set in England in the year 2118. An apocalyptic winter has occurred due to a nuclear war over oil in 2062. The nuclear winter that followed caused glacier ice to move south at an unprecedented speed.  The survivors must not only battle frigid temperatures and the threat of starvation, but the things that are far worse moving ahead of the ice toward them, things that once were reserved for nightmares.
With “Hard Winter” N.W. Davies created a story that read like a full-length novel. So much was said with so very few words. Watching as Norman transformed from a selfish self-serving individual to a caring and possibly heroic figure was a fantastic journey. I was captured by this tale from the first sentence and was unable to pull myself free until I had finished. A well crafted tale. Absolutely one of the best I have ever read.
***** 5 Stars
Author/ Reviewer Marilyn Thompson
Mind Fog Reviews

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J.E. Taylor’s “Vengeance” is afoot!

J.E. Taylor’s book “Vengeance” is a gripping novel about Steve Williams…an undercover FBI agent who is working as a lawyer working for Charlie Wisnowski…a drug dealer that no one has been able to catch. Charlie tries to get Steve hooked on cocaine and have him indebted to him for helping him protect his wife from a serial rapist/killer. Does he succeed or does Steve’s wife and Steve’s desire to catch him win?
It was fast paced but J.E. Taylor took the time to make sure the characters came alive and the plot was well thought out. For instance, she made Steve struggle with his doing his job and protecting his family just like any man would do in his circumstance. “Vengeance” had me by the first chapter and I almost had the book read by one night. This is the perfect book to read on the beach or near a pool this summer. I was amazed at this novel and know that others will react the same way. You just can’t ignore the events that captivate you from the beginning. This author has produced a genuine thriller!

Carol Langstroth, Manager and Reviewer
Mind Fog Reviews

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A vivid escape: A review of Melinda Clayton’s Appalachian Justice

Appalachian Justice by Melinda Clayton tells the story of a Wilhelmina Platte a.k.a. Billy May from the time when her dad died in the mines to her death and everything in between. It shows the ugly side of people as well as the compassionate side. It also has the lesson that people will help if you let them in.

I have to confess I love the format that this story is written in. It’s told from Billy May’s memories as she is dying. Sifting through her memories is like reading a diary. The characters are well rounded and they jump at you throughout the story. When she is remembering the mountain itself you can picture it in your mind very easily. There were times (especially toward the end) that I felt I was there.

Melinda Clayton did a wonderful job and I hope to read more of her work.


Carol Langstroth, Manager

Mind Fog Reviews

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A Review of Jonathan’s Cross by M.L. Gardner by Mind Fog Reviews

Jonathan’s Cross by M.L. Gardner is a one of a kind historical fiction that one doesn’t see every day. Set to what I believe is 1929 when the big Wall Street crash happened. Jonathan is a broker who lost everything after the crash. His wife and his three friends’ families are forced to rent from an enemy of Jonathan’s. They take a job on the docks that they are not prepared for. Meanwhile Jonathan’s enemy, Victor, is doing anything to make Jonathan’s life a living hell. Will Jonathan and his friends survive their new life? Will they find a way out? And just what does Victor have up his sleeve?

I have been a huge fan of historical fiction since I was a teenager and Jonathan’s Cross has fed my addiction thankfully. It has action, and suspense, and you can feel the love that all three husbands have for their wives. Ms. Gardner brings all of her characters to life and brings wonderful details when she introduces more characters. I cannot wait to read the sequel to this book and I hope that that Ms. Gardner allows me the honor of reviewing the next one.

Carol Langstroth, Manager
Mind Fog Reviews

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Review of Rightfully Mind: God’s Equal Rights Amendment by Mind Fog Reviews

In Rightfully Mine: God’s Equal Rights Amendment by Aggie Villanueva writes about a young woman named Rizapah who fights for what she believes in whether it is her inheritance or her right to love the man she thinks she wants.

I like that the setting of the book is set at the time that Israel, as a tribe, is about to cross the Jordan into the promised land that God has given them and it explores a little about life back then. But mainly I loved reading how Rizapah fights to change the law that does not allow women to have an inheritance in that era. This reviewer liked the book so much that she is buying it as a Christmas gift for a family member.

**** 4 stars

Carol Langstroth, Manager

Mind Fog Reviews

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Review of Tug of Conflict by Mind Fog Reviews

In Tug of Conflict, Darnell R. McKinnon explains his reasoning on why young men or men turn to the rebellious lifestyle that plaques so many men. Mr. McKinnon uses his personal experiences and those around him to explain his theory.

I found this book to be a very tough read because the author repeats himself often. In fact I felt that in the first forty-five pages all the author did was repeat himself sometimes with only a few words changed at the ending to try to make it different. I’m not sure if he did this on purpose or not but I did not like it. Not to mention that it had sentences that did not make sense or had grammatical errors in them.

** Stars

Carol Langstroth, Manager

Mind Fog Reviews

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